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Quality Control is the primary focus at Abstract Electronics. Our AS9120 certified Quality Management System provides the framework for consistent and reliable transactions. Our inspection process is based on IDEA STD1010 and includes a rigorous counterfeit detection process. Inspection personnel are continually trained in the latest detection methods and our memberships with ERAI and GIDEP keep us informed of the latest sub-standard and re-called parts. Most often, we can supply products with full manufacturer’s traceability, airworthiness, or test certifications.

Since 1996

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leading quality and customer service.

Quality Assurance

The quality and authenticity of every component that leaves our warehouse is our #1 priority.

Our Inspection Process

Our extremely thorough incoming and outgoing inspection processes are tailored to customer requirements..

Company Philosophy

We want our customers to receive a high-quality experience from us, not just high-quality products.

How We Have Helped

Some clients in the past

Failed parts in
obsolete batch.

“I ordered obsolete Broadcom part number BCM4506KQLE49G from two other distributors and got bad parts from both of them. I ordered a batch from Abstract and we have had zero failures!Stacey, CM Buyer – San Jose, CA

We were able to

beat multiple

competitors rate

by 18%!

Abstract’s price on an old Motorola MC68HC705 chip blew away his competition. I didn’t expect to actually save money on an obsolete part. Peggy, OEM Buyer – New Orleans, LA

Year-end total client

savings on same parts

purcahsed elsewhere

“Abstract consistently beats Digi-Keyand Mouser’s pricing!”Ken, OEM Buyer – Franklin, NC

100% customer

retention rate by

this customer.

“I was glad Alex reached out to us! I am trying to purchase as much as possible through Abstract now. I love that I have my quotes within 2 hours. Fantastic service!”

Nancy, OEM Buyer – Rochester, NY

*We take client information & security very seriously. For that reason we do not display client names or information.